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Create a unique scent for your unique memory


Bath & Bloom成立於此2002年,概念是傳達天然SPA商品的好處,並提醒大家時常享受舒壓放鬆的時刻,創造生活中的幸福感。


Bath & Bloom亦堅決承諾―愛護地球與人類。堅決承諾使用循環物料作包裝,產品以天然的成份製成,包裝材質為可回收素材,絕不進行動物試驗,不聘僱童工,為地球及社會的可持續發展出一分力。現在,不需要大費周章,就可以在香港購買到來自泰國的天然保養品牌Bath & Bloom ,讓消費者在家中體驗一趟屬於泰式SPA獨有的感官之旅。

Bath & Bloom was originated in 2002 with an aim to create a happiness in a bathroom. Our product is an easy tool to fulfill your happiness from a refreshing, lively and relaxing your mind from all work job each day.

We aim to produce a good quality product and all the scent is made from natural ingredients. Let Bath & Bloom create a unique scent for your unique lifestyle.

We have a strong commitment to use recycle packaging, natural product ingredients, best quality product and no animal testing.We are also against child labor and will never do.

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